About Us

Thirukkural Unavagam is a 34 seater Organic Restaurant that is a part of an innovative Farm to Farm Concept. It serves tasty ; Healthy Organic Food cooked with great care ; passionby experienced Chefs.

Today, when a major part of the educated public rebelling against the dirty side of junk food, traditional and herbal food is the only remedy that the human race can adapt.

We ca claim with pride that we are one of the pioneers in this field and the only herbal and traditional restaurant that has three outlets (Karayanchavadi, M.City and Adayar) in Chennai with more than three years of operational expertise.

Thirukkural Unavagam is being supplied with Organic Vegetables, Greens, Organic Millets, Rice varieties, & Cold Pressed oil by reputed Organic Supplier across the state. This branch is equipped with a Party Hall for your Family events & team get together.